An inspiring example of improving a work/life balance.

This is slightly off-piste for us, however, because of our shared love for furry four legged friends, and the ongoing emphasis placed on improving our work/life balance, we thought to share this little slice of betterment, with the world.

After many years of number crunching as an accountant, and putting up with the long hours, tight deadlines and ever increasing work-load (a situation many of us can identify with), the wife of our SEND specialist, Nathan, decided to take her love for dogs and the great outdoors, and start up her very own dog walking venture.

We are only in March, and she is already making waves across the region, with more than 20 dogs on the register, being exercised, played with and pampered, on a daily basis.

Needless to say, whilst it has taken a heck of a lot of courage to take that initial leap of faith into the unknown, leaving behind a stable and familiar career, Rachel has never been happier in her work, and things will only get better! In fact, demand has been so high across the Coventry, Warwick and Solihull region, she’s now renting a field for them to run around in, and bought a specially equipped van to transport them from and to their owners.

You may be thinking to yourself, what indeed, does this have to do with teaching and working in schools… Well, the fundamental message here is, if you’re not entirely happy in your job, or it is having a detrimental impact on your personal life, whether it be teaching or otherwise, you are ultimately in control of your destiny, so why not look to change the direction of your career.

We have numerous teachers, who, after spending many years in permanent employment, decided to take their own leap of faith by joining Zest Education. Being with us has afforded them greater flexibility and control over their choices and work load, and ultimately, a much improved quality of life. Take it from us, like Rachel, not one of those teachers has regretted it.

If you are in a permanent teaching role but keen for a change, we can and will help. Call any of our helpful team at Zest HQ and we will be more than happy to talk you through the options.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Ps. Check out the Go Fetch website

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