5 Key Things to Include in your CV

Your CV offers an insight into who you are as a potential candidate. It is important that you fill in your CV carefully, as each piece of information portrays to employers how and why you are suitable for the role.

The 5 key pieces of information that should be included on a CV are:

1. Personal Details

Include your name, address, contact number and email, and make sure they’re up to date. You don’t need to provide a photo of yourself or information about your age, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation, as they are not indicators of whether you are suitable for the role.

2. Education and Qualifications

In this section, include information about your qualifications and training. Make sure that each qualification is relevant to the job description, including your degree and university, any courses you’ve taken, and what qualifications you earned.

3. Work Experience and Employment History

Beginning with your most recent position, outline where you’ve worked in the past and where you are working now. Include the company name, job title and start and finish dates. This could include jobs, volunteering, and internships. Outline the tasks you did at these jobs and the relevant responsibilities that make you experienced for this role.

4. Main Skills

Use the job description to highlight the main skills required for the job. Demonstrate how you used those skills in real life. These skills could involve communication, project management, IT skills, and working as a team.

5. References

Include two references the employer may need to call to get evidence that you are a good candidate, and can back up your skills and experience.

Use these 5 key areas to show off who you are as a candidate and what makes you ideal for the role. Showcase your personal details, education & qualifications, work experience & employment history, main skills, and references, and you’ll be sure to impress employers.

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