What is a Personal Brand?

In this article, we discuss what a personal brand is, how you can harness it, and how it is important to your career.

A personal brand is about thinking of yourself as a brand and marketing yourself as such. You need a personal brand to stand out, get noticed, and make an impression in the hyper-competitive job market. Think of the hirers as your audience or customers, and you as the brand – you need to market and sell yourself to them. Think of yourself as a brand and your skills and experience the service or product on offer.

You can develop a personal brand through thinking about what makes you unique – or in branding terms – your USP. What skills do you have that make you better than others? What experiences make you stand out? Why would a recruiter choose you over someone else? What makes you attractive to recruiters? Think of your unique character, passions, and strengths, and how this makes you the perfect candidate for the role. From this, craft your USP message, a short value proposition, and a succinct and persuasive elevator sales pitch to market yourself.

Communicate your personal brand through your CV, resume and cover letter by stating your USP and showcasing your skills and experience. You could start a blog or website to exhibit your unique ideas, skills, portfolio of work, and experiences. Get onto social media and portray this through all of your profiles, as the content you produce and post to social, even your profile images and headers, all contribute to building this personal brand and reflecting who you are as a candidate.

No matter what level of position you are seeking, creating a personal brand can help recruiters to understand more about your personality, skills, and experience, and what makes you unique for the role. Most importantly, a personal brand will make you stand out in the competitive job market, and help you get one step closer to landing your ideal job.

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