Thinking of becoming a teacher? We can help.

Are you contemplating entering the world of teaching?

Although we spend a lot of our time as an agency, providing qualified teachers to schools, we have an increasing need for degree graduates to help plug gaps in schools’ timetables, where teachers aren’t necessarily needed.

This role can be fun, varied and challenging, and comes with the title of Cover Supervisor. It is also one of best routes to a PGCE or GTP, because course administrators will invariably look for first-hand classroom-based experience where possible.

Working as a Cover Supervisor is as rewarding, as it is demanding. There is a high level of responsibility and although there is always a teacher close at hand if needed, there is also a large amount of autonomy.

A Cover Supervisor is likely to be used for short-term absences of a teacher. These might be known in advance (for example, where a teacher has a medical appointment or is undergoing professional development) or unexpected (for example, absence due to illness)

On a daily basis, cover supervision will include:

• Supervising work that has been set, in accordance with the school policies
• Managing the behavior of pupils whilst they are undertaking this work, to ensure a constructive environment
• Responding to any questions from pupils about process and procedures
• Dealing with any immediate problems or emergencies according to the school’s policies and procedures
• Collecting any completed work after the lesson and returning it to the appropriate teacher
• Reporting back on the behavior of pupils during the class, using the school’s agreed referral procedures

Plus you get paid for the privilege! Anything between £60 and £80 per day, subject to experience and level of responsibility.

So whether you already have your sights firmly set on becoming a teacher, or you simply enjoy working with young people, and want to get a better understanding of what’s involved in the teaching role, give us a call today and we will be more than happy to guide you along the way.

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