Early Career Teacher (ECT)

Navigating the landscape of teaching as an Early Career Teacher (ECT) can be a gruelling and time consuming experience. You have worked hard to secure your teaching qualification, and now it’s time to find your first role as a qualified teacher.  

Upon successfully completing your training, you are presented with three employment avenues:

  • Securing a permanent teaching position
  • Opting for temporary/short-term teaching roles
  • Day-to-day Supply Teacher

No matter which route you choose to explore, Zest Education is dedicated to facilitating your educational journey, with an impressive 67% of our Early Career Teachers registered with us this year, going on to secure induction placements.

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How it works

At Zest Education, our commitment extends beyond supply teaching. We specialise in assisting Early Career Teachers through various career routes, by providing:

Early Career Teachers

Paid work in LOCAL schools

School office support jobs

Expertise in crafting and updating CVs


Tailored roles to align with individual needs, career plans, and preferences

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Choosing to work with Zest Education provides the flexibility to determine when and where to work, opening doors to a huge variety of schools and settings. This then allows you to experience different schools to find the right setting for you before commencing your ECT induction – something you wouldn’t get the chance to do during a traditional application process. The transition from supply to permanent positions is a common progression, with many teachers transitioning to permanent staff at schools where they initially taught on a supply basis. Far from limiting career progression, Zest Education expands possibilities, allowing educators to build experience and develop their skill set.

Reaching the end of your training without the prospect of permanent employment can be demoralising. Zest Education alleviates any concerns by offering day-to-day, short and long-term teaching roles, or permanent roles across a variety of education settings. There is no need to worry about completing your induction, as this can be completed while working through a placement in a Zest Education school, provided your period of employment meets the requirements for completion (minimum of one term).

By choosing Zest Education, you are partnered with a designated consultant who works closely with you and the local schools to secure work promptly. We promise to find work for any Early Career Teacher registering with Zest Education within 48 hours of clearance (on a day-to-day basis).

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For more information on how we can support you as an ECT, get in touch today by emailing us, or call us on 0121 803 8880 (West Midlands) or 01543 756 796 (Staffordshire).