Fortunately, our network of schools is so extensive across the West Midlands and Staffordshire, that we are highly confident of being able to keep you within agreed travel times of your home. That being said, the more flexible you can be in this respect, the more options of work there will be.

We appreciate that everyone’s availability will be different, depending on their lifestyle, family circumstances and other commitments, and we will always do our best to accommodate that and offer work on the days that you are available.

Yes, absolutely. We will work around you and accommodate any requests that you have when it comes to your availability.

Our clearance process is extremely efficient, and our dedicated Compliance team will aim to get you ready for work ASAP. This is obviously dependent on several factors including how soon we receive your documents and how quickly your references come back, as well as anything else that we may need to clear your file.

There is no cost whatsoever associated with joining Zest Education. The only cost that may be incurred is if a new DBS is required to be processed – this will then be paid directly to UCheck, who we run our DBS checks through.

Yes, support workers often have transferable skills and training to work within our special educational needs schools. We will also be able to offer guidance, support and training along the way.

Yes, and we have an excellent success rate of placing ECT’s into schools who can support them in completing one or more terms towards their induction.

We pay all our supply staff through PAYE and all Tax and National Insurance contributions are deducted at source and forwarded straight to HMRC, complying fully with the IR35 legislation. You will NOT pay any umbrella costs or charges through Zest Education.

If you have a current DBS, we may be able to use it providing it meets the criteria below:
· MUST be registered to the Update Service
· MUST cover all current, and previous, names
· MUST be ‘fee charged’ and CANNOT be for a volunteering position

If you do not have a current DBS, or your DBS doesn’t meet the above criteria, we can process one for you through our DBS provider and this will be explained during your registration.

We process our DBS checks through UCheck, who are Home Office approved. Once you have completed your DBS application and our Compliance team have completed the ID check, you will be sent over a tracking number which begins with an E. Using this, you can track your DBS via https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/enquiry/enquirySearch.do.

Yes, you must register your DBS to the Update Service to be cleared for work with us.

You are able to add your DBS certificate to the update service via https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/crsc/apply?execution=e1s1. The update service has an annual subscription fee of £13.00 (as long as you keep the physical copy). We highly recommend that you select the ‘auto-renew’ option to ensure the subscription is kept valid.

Providing you are signing in and out of school every day, we will do the rest for you.







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