A Short Guide to Career Planning

Career Planning – 3 Simple Steps to Finding your Ideal Career

Career planning is the process of thinking about which career you would like to pursue and making a plan of how you wish to get there. It’s about making goals for your career and planning how you will achieve them.

Career planning is important because it can make you consider what you really want from a career, and helps you to explore all possible opportunities and avenues available to you. It also makes you think about yourself as a person, and decipher what career will suit you and where you will be happiest and most fulfilled.

You can get started by simply thinking about your interests, values, skills, and preferences. Assess what you want from a career, what sort of thing you would like to do, and then carry out the steps to get that career, as follows:

1. Begin by thinking about your current situation and who you are. Think about your skills and experience, what you want to get out of a career, and what you imagine yourself doing at work. What do you enjoy doing at the moment and what are you good and not so good at? You can take psychometric tests which are very helpful in assessing who you are as a person and which job you would most likely enjoy and excel at.

2. Next, based on this information, think about what job areas suit you. There are many options available; from creative careers to more technical, from corporations to freelance positions. Explore different jobs and research what they involve. Research which skills, experience, and qualifications you need to get there. This should give you an idea of any possible jobs for you.

3. Now that you have decided which jobs may suit you, choose a more specific role and think about how you want to get there. Make a plan of the next necessary steps you need to take to get a foot in the door into that career. This could include training, qualifications, work experience, internships, or training.

Start carrying out these steps to begin planning for your perfect career. Remember to check your progress as you will most likely be updating and changing your career plan and prospects throughout your working life.

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